Building a New Site?

Fresh Online Designs specializes in individuals and businesses that are ready to launch a new online presence.  Packages are reasonable and are fully customized to encompass the services you need:

Here are the typical steps we’ll take to launch your site:

  1. Meet with you to learn more about what you are trying to accomplish online.  For example, are you trying to give viewers access to you or are you trying to maximize your market share  Based on your responses, we’ll identify what technology we need to build into your customized website.
  2. We’ll take care of the technology 100%.  We’ll buy your domain name, host your website and either teach you to maintain it or provide site maintenance on an ongoing basis.  We’ll give you the options and let you decide what package best fits your needs.  There are no hidden costs.  And no surprises.
  3. We’ll work with a team of graphic designers and content managers to build a site for you.  You will be actively involved in each step of the process and we’ll always offer you options that might help you meet your goals for your online presence.  Each site is customized – no cookie cutter templates so you can be assured your site will uniquely reflect your brand.
  4. Once you are satisfied that the site meets your expectations, we’ll go live.  Typically a new site is launched in 30 to 45 days.  Then we will continue to be available to you for updates, changes and edits – based upon the level of support you believe you need.  We are a full service provider so you choose what works best for you.
  5. When you’re ready for your site to evolve to include enhanced content, flash animation, online payment or e-commerce, Fresh Online Designs will partner with you to bring the latest technology to your web strategy.